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Cherry Systems | Data Recovery, Hard Drive Recovery & File Data Recovery

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Cherry Systems | Data Recovery Services, Hard Drive Recovery & File Data Recovery

"Atlanta and the Southeast's Favorite Data Recovery" - If We Can't Recover It, Nobody Can!

Data Recovery Atlanta GA. Cherry Systems Data Recovery is a Professional Data Recovery organization serving corporations, IT professionals, small business, and consumers nationwide to save lost, deleted, overwritten, or corrupted files, and inaccessible data due to server & RAID failure, hard drive crash, data backup failure, fire, water, power surge, or other natural disaster and physical damage and failing media of all types.

>  Drive clicking or making unusual noises? Shut down your computer immediately to prevent further damage.

>  Hard drive dropped? Do not power up a drive that has sustained physical trauma.

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Recovery for All Types of Media and Brands

  • Hard drive recovery (laptop, desktop, notebook, netbook)
  • RAID recovery (RAID 5, RAID 1 mirrored, RAID 0 striped)
  • External hard drive recovery (USB, Firewire)
  • NAS recovery (Network Attached Storage)
  • Server recovery
  • Solid-State and Flash drive recovery, Flash Card recovery, Thumb Drive recovery
  • Camera card recovery
  • Cell phone storage recovery (including iPhone)
  • Compact disk recovery (CD)

Recovery for All Data Types

  • Operating Systems: Windows PC, Mac, Linux, Novell, Unix, VMware
  • File Systems: FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HPFS, HFS, ext2, ext3, VMFS2, VMFS3, etc.
  • Data Types: Email, Office documents, Databases, Photos, Music, Microsoft Exchange


  • 21 years of advanced data recovery experience
  • Class 100 Clean Room onsite -Avoid risk and delay involved in shipping your valuable data across the country!
  • All types of media; all levels of damage (Level 0, 1, 2, 3, 4)
  • All causes of loss –abuse, accident, weather (Fire, Flood, Water, Lightning, Storm Damage Recovery Specialists)
  • Protecting the privacy and confidentiality of your data
  • Partnering with IT professionals for seamless integration

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  • Honest, Up-Front Pricing - No “ball park” estimates, No Surprises!
  • Call for a Free Quote or,
  • Submit an online request and receive a Quote via email
  • Free Evaluation - Results in hours for most, guaranteed within 1 business day


  • From Emergency to Economy service, you select the service level that meets your timeframe and budget


  • Drop-off, courier, overnight shipping
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Whether you are an IT professional, business owner, or end-user, our recovery advisors understand the serious impact and urgency of data loss yet take  the time to walk through the process to ensure you understand and are comfortable with your options:

  • Data Loss Assessment

Do you know the value of your data? We will show you how to take inventory of the data involved and calculate the cost and time required to recreate. Armed with this knowledge you choose to send in your media for recovery or begin the job of recreating.

  • Fast, Free Evaluation

We understand that often just knowing your data can be recovered provides a great sense of relief. That’s why we provide a fast, free evaluation of your failed media. Most evaluations are completed within hours and are guaranteed within one business day. Our evaluation determines the extent of damage, provides flat-rate pricing, and requests your authorization to begin the recovery process. You choose the price level that meets your timeframe and budget.

  • Discovery Review

We provide a 24-hour window for you to review a list of recoverable documents before you commit to the full price of the recovery. You choose to move forward with the recovery or stop the recovery process and have the media returned to you.

  • No Recovery - No Cost Guarantee

It doesn’t happen often, but there are times when our Discovery Review indicates recoverable files, but the damage has been so severe that even our advanced recovery efforts are unsuccessful. Should this happen, we stand behind our No Recovery – No Cost Guarantee policy.

  • Download Options

Recoveries under 10GB will be returned on DVD. For larger recoveries, we provide three easy options for the return of your data: 1. Provide your own download drive, 2. Rent a download drive from us, or 3. Purchase a drive from us. You choose the most convenient and cost-effective option for you.

  • Integration Assistance

Our recovery advisor will provide you with the basic information you need to upload the recovered data onto your systems. For additional assistance, you can take advantage of Cherry’s extensive IT Service Partner Network, where you choose a professional provider in your area.

  • Follow-up Care

We know that data loss is an experience that is best NOT repeated. That’s why we make available follow-up care through our IT Service Partner Network. From Managed Services and PC Repair, to Automated Backups and Data Forensics, Cherry Systems is your trusted advisor for data protection.

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