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WARNING: For damaged media, let Cherry's experts diagnostically determine both the cause and extent of damage. Additional physical or structural damage and irreversible data loss can occur if you try and repair it yourself.

Solid State Storage (SSD) devices are different from your computer's internal and external hard drives in that they have no moving parts. This gives the user a false sense of security that these drives, having no moving parts, are unsusceptible to electrical malfunction, mechanical failure or accidents.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, SSDs are vulnerable to physical damages as well as experiencing:

  1. Corrupted Files
  2. Operating System breakdowns
  3. Corrupted sectors
  4. Structural damage
  5. Controller failure
  6. Electronic circuitry failure
  7. Magnetic damage

Cherry Systems Data Recovery supports most manufacturers of these Solid State Drives, and our experts are highly knowledgeable and successful in recovering lost and damaged data.

Cherry Systems has highly qualified personnel to recover data from these damaged drives and will, using advanced technology, diagnose the cause and extent of the damage/failure.

Cherry's SSD Data Recovery Process is successful when other companies might conclude that the data is irretrievably lost.

As Cherry's client, you will have:

  1. A choice of service -- Standard Service (5-8 business days) or Expedited Service (2 business days)
  2. Safe data recovery environment in the industry for your personal and confidential data
  3. Certified Class 100 Cleanroom facilities—vital for protecting the sensitive internal components of hard drives
  4. Maintains exceptional air purity
  5. Contains less than 100 airborne particles larger than 0.5 microns in each cubic foot of air.
  6. Expert engineers certified to safely recover data
  7. Initial up-front flat rate price -- No hidden costs
  8. No data recovery delay with hardware replacement

Cherry Systems Data Recovery has an impeccable reputation for it’s data recovery services and is highly recommended by manufacturers, IT companies, and satisfied customers.

Cherry's Standard Process for Data Recovery Services

  1. Providing a free 24-hour evaluation of your failed SSD
  2. Sending you a written quote for your acceptance
  3. Providing a list of recoverable data for your review
  4. Downloading the recovered data to your choice of media
  5. Informing you in a timely manner when the recovered data is ready

Cherry Systems Data Recovery is YOUR trusted Data Recovery Expert for SSD Data Recovery.

Throughout this SSD data recovery process, Cherry's clients may be assured that the highest standards of quality, protection and security are employed on their behalf by our highly qualified team of experts.

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The service, speed and ability of Cherry Systems to recover my lost data was amazing.  You took a horrible situation, where months of work was lost and were able to turn it around and recover it in a fraction of the time it would have taken to recreate.  I have to say that I hope to never need your recovery services again, but there is comfort in knowing that if we do have another hard drive failure, we have you to turn to.Ryan Coca-Cola

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