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  1. I dropped my device and it is making strange noises. What should I do?
    • It's vitally important that the device be turned off and unplugged as soon as the failure or malfunction occurs. This will greatly enhance the data recovery success rate.
    • Then let Cherry's experts diagnostically determine both the cause and extent of damage.
    • Additional physical or structural damage and irreversible data loss may occur if you try to repair it yourself.
  1. How long does it take to recover data from my failed/damaged device?
    • The recovery process is time scheduled based on your urgency.
      • You may also choose your choice of service: Expedite Service (2-4 business days), Standard Service (5-10 business days) or Economy Services (11-21 business days).
    • Sometimes needed replacement parts are ordered from our network of suppliers or sometimes the failure of the device's condition will cause the recovery to take longer than originally expected. We will keep you updated throughout the entire process as we know how important the recovery of your data is to you.
  1. How much will the data recovery process cost me?
    • Cherry System's highly qualified personnel will diagnose the extent of the damage during your free evaluation, and only then can the cost of recovery be determined.
    • Cost will vary for each device, which is why we offer an evaluation.
    • You may also choose your choice of service based on your time schedule. Expedite Service (2-4 business days), Standard Service (5-10 business days) or Economy Services (11-21 business days).
  1. How long does it take to get my free evaluation?
    • Evaluation results for most devices are guaranteed in 2-4 business days.
    • Drives will be evaluated as to whether a "software" or "hardware" failure has occurred.
    • An evaluation will allow us to know the extent of damage and how hard it will be to recover your data.
    • Cherry will then provide a flat-rate price for the data recovery process and require authorization before proceeding.
    • Note: RAID, NAS & SAN evaluations are exceptions. A 3-5 business day evaluation is necessary to determine the condition and recoverability for these devices.
  1. How do I get my free evaluation and quote?
    • You may submit an Online Form to let us know what has happened to your device.
      • If submitting an online form, we will be in contact for your next steps.
    • You may also either drop off your device at our lab or ship it to us.
    • We will need your failed device in hand to determine the cause and extent of damage. Only then we can give a quote for the data recovery process.
    • Please email us at recovery.advisor@cherrysystems.com for any direct questions or assistance.
  1. Do I have to ship my failed device to Cherry to get a free accurate quote?
    • No, you may either ship your device to us or bring your device to our lab.
    • Either way, Cherry's engineers will need your device in hand to perform an evaluation on your drive. Only then can an accurate quote be given for the data recovery process.
  1. How do I ship my failed device to Cherry?
  1. Will Cherry protect my information, data, and privacy while recovering my files?
    • Yes, throughout the data recovery process, Cherry's clients are assured that the highest standards of quality, protection and security are employed on their behalf by our highly qualified team of experts.
    • See our Privacy Policy.
  1. Is my device safe with Cherry’s engineers?
    • Retaining technicians with both an engineering education and the requisite years of experience are essential to ensure the best outcome for our clients. The ability to interpret a drive's response or reaction to various tools is developed and fine-tuned through many years of data recovery experience.
    • Cherry Systems Data Recovery has a “best in class” team of data recovery engineers with almost 100 years combined experience, all of whom are highly knowledgeable in recovering data loss from accidents, environmental conditions, and/or mechanical problems.
    • Yes, you can trust Cherry’s expert engineers with recovering your data.
  1. Once I have picked up my recovered data, does Cherry retain my information?
    • Cherry will retain a copy of your recovered files for a 30-day period in case of any transfer issues you might have.
    • See our Privacy Policy
  1. Does Cherry accept all manufacturers for most devices?
    • Yes, Cherry has dealt with multiple manufacturers since opening its doors in 1989.
    • Our engineers are experienced to help with any failed media device you may have.
  1. Why choose Cherry rather than other data recovery companies?
    • Cherry Systems Data Recovery is a Professional Data Recovery organization successfully serving corporations, IT professionals, small businesses, and consumers nationwide.
    • Our reputation as the most referred data recovery lab in the Southeastern USA by IT professionals is a tribute to our experience, expertise, and excellent customer service.
    • Satisfied customers are continually referring new clients to us.
    • We are humbled by our "best in class" data recovery success with ZERO Better Business Bureau complaints since opening in 1989.
    • We allow you to choose the most convenient and cost-effective option for you by providing a flat-rate price for the data recovery process and requiring your authorization before proceeding.
    • There are no hidden fees with us!
  1. How will my data be returned to me?
    • Under 200 GB your data may be returned on a Flash Drive or a Hard drive, whichever you choose. We have multiple sizes available for purchase.
    • For data over 200 GB, your data will be returned on a hard drive. We have multiple sizes available for purchase.
    • For security reasons, we do require you to purchase a drive from us to place your recovered files onto. All details are given to you after your evaluation on our Authorization Form. We do not move forward without your approval.
  1. What type payment does Cherry accept?
    • Bank / Bill Pay
    • Check
    • Credit Cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover & AMEX)
    • Cash
    • Apple Pay / Google Pay
    • Corporate PO -- with credit approval
  1. Any hidden fees upon completion?
    • After your Free evaluation, Cherry will provide a flat-rate fee for the data recovery process, and we will obtain your authorization before proceeding.
    • You choose the time of service and price that meets your timeframe and budget.
    • You choose your download drive preference, flash drive or hard drive, depending on the amount of data recovered.
    • As with any data recovery, unexpected circumstances sometimes happen that could require a Level change in the recovery process. If this occurs, we will NOT proceed with data recovery until:
      • You are notified of the circumstances.
      • Options are provided to you, as our client.
      • Permission is obtained to change the recovery status.
    • Cherry Systems does not perform any work and unexpectedly up-charge later!
      We have no Hidden Fees!
I would like to thank all at Cherry Systems for your great and well-appreciated assistance in recovering data from my damaged external hard drive. I have managed to open all documents, which I have accumulated over the past 8 years. And now I have saved them all on my laptop as well! I am extremely grateful and many thanks again for your wonderful service!Charity D. Human Resources Coordinator for International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies Haiti Earthquake Operation

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