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RAID Corruption - Damaged Drives - Broken SD Cards - iPhones



Cherry Systems | Data Recovery Services, Hard Drive Recovery & File Data Recovery

"Atlanta and the Southeast's Premier Data Recovery Services" - If We Can't Recover It, Nobody Can!

Cherry Systems Data Recovery of Atlanta, GA is a Professional Data Recovery organization serving Corporations, IT Professionals, Small and Medium Businesses, and Consumers nationwide to save lost, deleted, overwritten, or corrupted files, and inaccessible data due to server & RAID failure, hard drive crash, data backup failure, fire, water, power surge, or other physically damaged and failing digital media of all types.

>  Drive clicking or making unusual noises? Shut down your computer immediately to prevent further damage.

>  Hard drive dropped? Do not power up a drive that has sustained physical trauma.

>  SD Card inaccessible? Do not try to solder it yourself.

>  Broken USB/Flash Drive? Let us perform a FREE 24 hour evaluation

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Recovery for All Types of Media and Brands

  • Hard Drive Data recovery (HDD crash, Laptop, Desktop, Notebook, Tablets)
  • RAID recovery (RAID 5, RAID 1 mirrored, RAID 0 striped)
  • External Hard Drive Recovery (USB)
  • NAS Recovery (Network Attached Storage)
  • Server Crash Recovery
  • SD Card Recovery
  • Solid-State Drive Recovery
  • Camera Card Recovery
  • Cell Phone Storage Recovery (Pics, Texts, Contacts, Music - iPhone and Android)
  • ALL Other Digital Media - Tape, CD, Floppy Disk, Video


  • 27 years of advanced data recovery experience
  • Class 100 Clean Room onsite - Avoid risk and delay involved in shipping your valuable data across the country!
  • All types of media; all levels of damage (Level 0, 1, 2, 3, 4)
  • All causes of loss –abuse, accident, weather (Fire, Flood, Water, Lightning, Storm Damage Recovery Specialists) 



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