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How We Do Business

  1. Cherry Systems Data Recovery vs. The Competition
    70% of jobs recovered this year required Level 3 or Level 4 Recovery tools. Other companies offering $199 and $399 are typically advertising for the simple Level 1 or Level 2 Recovery, that involves small-corrupted files or less complex data recoveries. By attempting complex recoveries without Cherry Systems Data Recovery expertise, many shops put the Level 3 or Level 4 Recoveries at risk by attempting to perform a simple recovery.

    • Are parts and procedures included in the quote, or are they added to the bill later, resulting in shocking and unexpected fees upon completion?
    • If the inexpensive, "off-the-shelf" software doesn't work immediately, what further steps do Cherry's competitors take for successful data retrieval?
    • Who are the customers or clients of other companies? Testimonials are important only if they are from satisfied clients and not from friends.
  2. Cherry Systems Data Recovery Process:
    For most devices, we offer a Free evaluation, and will be completed within 2-4 business days.  After your Free evaluation, to access the damage, Cherry Systems Data Recovery will provide you with a flat-rate fee up-front for the data recovery process. We will also obtain your authorization before proceeding. You may also choose the price and time of service that meets your timeframe and budget.
    No hidden costs!
    Our clients are assured that Cherry Systems uses proprietary, industrial strength tools. No “over the counter” measures are used, and our evaluation methods are non-intrusive.
  3. Cherry Systems Data Recovery has a fully equipped Class 100 certified clean room onsite. Do other companies?
    Cherry Systems Data Recovery is one of the few companies to have a Class 100 certified clean room facility in-house. Other companies ship the device elsewhere for this service. Avoid the risk and delay involved in shipping your valuable data across country and come to Cherry Systems Data Recovery, your local recovery experts. Clean Room Requirements are:

    • Distinctive equipment to manipulate the microscopic parts
    • Expert and experienced engineers professionally using the tools properly

    A clean room allows no more than 100 particles per cubic foot, with a particle being something 0.5 micrometers or bigger. (You would need to stack 200 particles atop one another to get the thickness of standard sheet of paper.) A Level 3 and Level 4 recovery is required to be completed inside the clean room work area to avoid harmful exposure to your device.

  4. What is Cherry Systems Data Recovery's experience level of engineers who perform data recovery services?
    • Retaining technicians with both an engineering education and the requisite years of experience are essential to ensure the best outcome for our clients. The ability to interpret a drive's response or reaction to various tools is developed and fine-tuned through many years of data recovery experience. Cherry Systems Data Recovery has a “best in class” team of data recovery engineers.
    • TIP: Successfully utilizing Clean room equipment depends on the skill and experience of the technicians involved. An experienced technician can decipher sounds, vibrations, lack of vibrations, and patterns of error messages. Like a doctor, many, many cases require human interpretation and intervention to get it right. Cherry Systems Data Recovery’s engineers are specialists in the field of data recovery.
      Specialized equipment is required to unsolder, re-solder chips and electronic leads safely and successfully. Our engineers have the special ability to heat the solder without melting or damaging the surrounding components, chips or the PCB.
  5. We pick up the pieces.
    Yes, we receive failed hard drives after an unsuccessful attempt of data recovery by competitors. Often, their zealous attempts to recover data with limited tools and applications result in further corruption and even permanent damage.
    Come to Cherry Systems first — YOUR trusted data recovery specialist. Let us help you!
  6. We are concerned about our clients' loss of data.
    Apart from others, most of our business is from referrals; many coming from Managed Services organizations, corporations, small businesses, IT professionals, and consumers nationwide. In addition to our quality work, the referring company/shop appreciates how our customer support and data recovery experts provide personal attention for every client. We are here to help, so let Cherry Systems Data Recovery be your support for all data recovery needs.
Thank you so much. As we are both in the service industry, I understand the sacrifices that sometimes have to be made (we sadly have to make them as well). Your dedication to your customers and their satisfaction is the reason that I recommend no one else but Cherry Systems to my clients when disasters happen.Jason Speak Logic

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