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Our Process

Our Guarantee: NO RECOVERY – NO COST

STEP 1: Fast, Free Evaluation

  1. Email the Data Recovery Information Form, or submit our online form to let us know what symptoms your experiencing with your device.
  2. Of course, we need your device in hand to properly evaluate your drive
  3. Drives will be evaluated to determine if it is a "software" or "hardware" failure. (We have a cleanroom on-site.)
  4. Evaluation results for most devices are guaranteed within 2-4 business days*.
  5. Cherry will provide a flat-rate price for the data recovery process, and require authorization before proceeding.
  6. Call us at 770.955.2395 if you need help or assistance.

*NOTE: For a RAID/NAS/SAN device, their evaluation turnaround will determine how many drives there are and the responsiveness of the drives. Please allow for at least 4-7 business days for your free basic evaluation for us to determine the condition and recoverability of the drives. For more information, please call 770.955.2395 about our process with these devices.

Getting Your Device To Us:

You can choose to either ship your device to us or drop off your device at our lab.

STEP 2: Your Authorization

We do require your authorization for the data recovery process before proceeding.

You Choose:

Service Level Track: Expedited Service (Estimated 2-4 business days), Standard Service (Estimated 5-10 business days) or Economy Service (Estimated 11-21 business days)

Required Add-On Services will let you choose what size drive your data will be returned on, flash drive or hard drive.

STEP 3: Downloading Your Data

For recoveries under 200GB:

    • Your data may be returned on a flash drive or hard drive.
    • We have several sizes available for purchase.

For recoveries over 200GB:

    • Your data is returned on a hard drive.
    • We have several sizes available for purchase.

STEP 4: Returning Your Data

Two Options: Shipping & Handling OR Pick up your device

STEP 5: Follow-up Care

Our recovery advisor will provide you with the basic information to upload the recovered data onto your system.

Need Help Transferring Files?  Please contact your IT consultant, computer repair shop, or we can help refer you to someone.

Cherry Systems will retain a copy of your recovered files for 30 days after job completion in case of any transfer issues.

Privacy Policy

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