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Image: Compact Disc / CD Recovery Services and solutions - Cherry SystemsRECOVERY FOR: CD Data

WARNING: For damaged media, let Cherry's experts diagnostically determine both the cause and extent of damage. Additional physical or structural damage and irreversible data loss may occur if you try to repair it yourself.

CD and DVD recoveries are similar.  Both types of media are plastic discs with a foil substrate layer that contain the encoded digital data on a series of microscopic pits and lands that are read by a laser bouncing off the reflective substrate.

Cherry's experienced technicians successfully recover data from:

  1. CD-R - 3.5" 128MB, 185MB Mini CDR, 230MB, 650MB, 700MB
  2. UDF and PACKET (i.e. Adaptec Direct CD)
  3. CD R/W – 185MB Mini CD-RW, 650MB, 700MB

Cherry Systems uses proprietary techniques obtained through years of experience to read data from CDs.  A common problem is that the CD develops a scratch, or many scratches, that may be observed or either invisible to the naked eye.  Cherry's technicians can many times buff and/or polish these scratches out to read the media again.  Cherry’s engineers in the data recovery process use several advanced technological software/hardware systems to read again what was unreadable.

Another problem are customers' writable CD-R's CD-RW's, etc. that did not finalize or failed during the writing process, and now the user cannot read the data from the disk.  These cases require a technique that streams the data off the media and then re-assembles it with other recovery tools.

There are times when the foil layer (containing the data) is missing or damaged in a way that none of the data is recoverable.  This may result in a situation where it is impossible to recover any data at all, or there may be missing sections of the data.  However in most cases, CD recovery is successful for most, if not all, of the data.

Whether the loss is caused by physical, electronic, or accidental causes,

Cherry Systems Data Recovery is YOUR trusted Data Recovery Expert for CD Recovery.

As Cherry's client, you will have:

  1. A choice of service -- Standard Service (Estimated 5-10 business days) or Economy Service (Estimated 11-21 business days)
  2. Safe data recovery environment in the industry for your personal and confidential data
  3. Expert engineers certified to safely recover data
  4. Initial up-front flat rate price for data recovery process -- No hidden costs

Cherry Systems Data Recovery experts are highly knowledgeable and successful in CD recovery by recovering lost and damaged data from these media devices.

Cherry's Standard Process in Data Recovery Services

  1. Providing a free evaluation of your failed device
  2. Sending you a written quote for your acceptance
  3. Downloading the recovered data to your choice of media
  4. Informing you in a timely manner that the recovered data is ready

Throughout this CD data recovery process, Cherry's clients may be assured that the highest standards of quality, protection and security are employed on their behalf by our highly qualified team of experts.

What restores valuable data from CDs?


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"The data is restored, the crew is back at work, and boss-lady is happy. Can’t ask for more than that."Mark T.

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