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Hard Drive Recovery PictureLevels of Hard Drive Recovery


These levels relate to the complexity, the experience and sophistication required to get you access to your data, and include hardware and logic failures.


Level 0 data recovery is commonly referred to as “restoring.” If you have a current back-up (or copy) of your data, you can use it to restore the data on your computer. You may be able to do this yourself; if you need help, a friend, PC repair shop or an online back-up service provider can assist you with transferring data from your storage device or online storage service to your computer.


Level 1 data recovery is when your hard drive is recognized by the system but you can’t access the files you want. Causes include mistakenly reformatted hard drives or deleted files, deleted, damaged or corrupt partition structures, and virus or spyware infections.



Level 2 data recovery is when your drive appears to your computer system as corrupt, as incorrect drive size, or as incorrect model numbers. CSI uses special equipment to rewrite the drive’s firmware, and recalibrate and program the drive so that the files can be recovered.


Level 3 data recovery is when you hear clicking or other unusual sounds, the platters aren’t spinning or the drive isn’t recognized by the computer. Part of the process requires work inside of a clean room to remove covers and seals to repair a drive head stuck to a platter surface, realign heads, clean platter surfaces or replace components on the printed control boards (PCBs). This level also includes imaging equipment to perform a sector-by-sector image while bypassing bad areas.


Level 4 data recovery is when extensive procedures are done in a clean room, including replacing read heads or transplanting platters, then mounting and precisely aligning the parts. This level of work is needed when the platters are damaged from excessive heat (fire), or the spindle motor seizes (is frozen) or is contaminated by foreign materials, including water.


Level 1 and Level 2 are considered recoveries from “logical failures”.
Level 3 and Level 4 hard drive recovery are considered recoveries from “hardware failures.”



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