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My name is Dan Dickens and I am the Director or Information Technology for Orion HealthCorp. We are a Healthcare company providing medical billing and practice management services to clients all across the United States. Late on the night of September 4th, 2011, I encountered a disaster scenario at one of our Pediatric practices in Dayton, Ohio.

The next day I was on a plane from Atlanta to Dayton. After working through a multitude of problems I realized that professional data recovery services would be needed. I called Cherry Systems late on the night of September 6th. It was imperative that the data be recovered that same night. Doing so would ensure that patients could be seen and treated by their doctors the next day. This was a difficult request, not only due to the timeframe, but also the server architecture involved: clustered virtual machine servers connected to a SAN.

Cherry Systems was able to assign a technician to my issue and resolve it that same night. All necessary data was recovered and copied to a safe location. We were able to restore operations with minimal impact and, most importantly, doctors could resume treating their patients.

Cherry Systems was willing to own my problem, work diligently to resolve it and then see the project to completion. We are very satisfied with the results and highly recommend their services to anyone in need.

Dan Dickens, Director of Information Technology, Orion HealthCorp, Inc.