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Customer Satisfaction

“I appreciated your service rendered to me in recovering what you could of the damaged Travel Drive that I brought to you. Your expert ability to perform this recovery function was amazing and it gave me hope when I thought all was lost in terms of important data that I had accumulated for years.“

Dr. J.,

I would like to thank all at Cherry Systems for your great and well-appreciated assistance in recovering data from my damaged external hard drive. I have managed to open all documents, which I have accumulated over the past 8 years. And now I have saved them all on my laptop as well!

I am extremely grateful and many thanks again for your wonderful service!

Charity D., Human Resources Coordinator for International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies Haiti Earthquake Operation

Thank you so much. As we are both in the service industry, I understand the sacrifices that sometimes have to be made (we sadly have to make them as well). Your dedication to your customers and their satisfaction is the reason that I recommend no one else but Cherry Systems to my clients when disasters happen.

Jason, Speak Logic

When my 10-month-old daughter destroyed my flash drive by ripping it from my laptop, I feared the worst: that all of the data for my PhD dissertation were gone, unrecoverable, lost forever.  I felt sick on my stomach -- a total state of panic.  My husband immediately started looking for data recovery providers, and we started calling them right away.  Cherry Systems was not only the most reasonably priced, but they were so incredibly friendly, professional, and reassuring from the start.  I hurried to their office in 5 o'clock-rush-hour-Atlanta traffic and arrived just minutes before they closed for the weekend.  The gentleman at the front desk stayed well after their usual closing time to enter our information and create the work order.  He explained that he couldn't promise recovery, but he was nonetheless very reassuring and provided me with a feeling of calm optimism.  Sure thing, *all* of my data were recovered and ready for me to come pick up the following Monday afternoon.  I cannot more highly recommend this place to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.

Lindsay P.,