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Customer Satisfaction

Just as an FYI, I thought that I had lost 7 years of personal and professional creative assets (photos and videos) due to the crash of my external hard drive. Cherry Systems was able to take hold of the drive, work through their process and recover every file originally thought lost. Along the way, they were able to keep me posted on timing, offer a very realistic cost structure, and great service. If you are in a similar bind, you will be very satisfied with Cherry Systems' solution. Give them your business!


The service, speed and ability of Cherry Systems to recover my lost data was amazing.  You took a horrible situation, where months of work was lost and were able to turn it around and recover it in a fraction of the time it would have taken to recreate.  I have to say that I hope to never need your recovery services again, but there is comfort in knowing that if we do have another hard drive failure, we have you to turn to.