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Hard Drive crash: That sinking feeling

Have you ever turned on your computer and nothing happened? Have you ever turned on your computer and heard an awful clicking sound, like the grinding of gears? You know immediately something is very wrong. You sit there staring at a blank screen while feelings of impending doom run through your mind. Your first thoughts are to re-boot and try again. But, when this fails, you start to panic, thinking of all the documents, pictures, files, and contacts that could be lost. To a lot of people, the loss of their Data is devastating. People tend to not realize the value of Data until it is gone. At that point, they say to themselves and anyone who will listen “I should have backed it up!”

You bring the computer to where you purchased it or maybe you call tech support. They will analyze the computer and often tell the consumer, “Your hard drive crashed and all your data is gone.” This time, your panic is real and painful.   BUT, do not despair, there is Data Recovery help available for you. Cherry Systems is one of those, who has become the most referred data recovery lab in the Southeastern USA, so let us help you.

Maybe you have heard the names Tyler Perry, Ted Turner, Kenny Rogers? Well, if you have lost important files via a hard drive crash, you have something in common with these guys. They all lost very important data and assumed the worst. However, they came to Cherry Systems and their data was recovered.

You may be a soccer Mom who lost pictures of her children, a small business owner whose books and records disappeared, a Dad with pictures of his son who was killed in Afghanistan, or a corporate executive who lost his marketing proposal for a multi-million dollar deal. Every one of these examples are real people, who suffered real losses, and came to Cherry Systems devastated and miserable. Every one of them left with a smile after their data was recovered.

The failure of a hard drive does not have to end in a catastrophe. First, it is always recommended you backup your data. However, if you do not have a backup, the technicians at Cherry Systems Data Recovery have the talent, tools, and technical ability to bring your data back to life.

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