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Time is of the essence

What is Most Important When Trying to Recover Data?

Time is the most important factor to consider when you encounter a water-damaged data storage device. Oxidation, corrosion, and rust don’t wait. Time is of the essence.

Why is time so important?

Damage caused by oxidation, corrosion, and rust can occur in days, even hours. The damage rate depends on what chemicals and other agents are present in the damaging water. A Senior Cleanroom Lab Engineer at Cherry Systems says, “Freshwater is much better than saltwater, but certain chemical contaminants can be just as detrimental to a data storage device.”

Data recovery “don’ts”

In order to have a good chance at successful data recovery, you must act quickly. Read these helpful hints on what not to do when you are faced with a water-damaged data storage device.

  • Do not attempt to power the data storage device if moisture or liquid is, or was, present.
  • Do not attempt to dry out the data storage drive or equipment yourself. Humidity and moisture are more likely trapped inside the sealed portion of the drive.
  • Do not attempt to open the …
  • Do not waste time with various software tools or solutions, including the very expensive and the free ones. The data storage device must be cleaned and dried completely before applying power.
  • Do not take your damaged device to your favorite computer or IT store. This is a time waster! Rather, find the closest data recovery lab with a qualified on-site cleanroom like Cherry Systems .

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